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BRITA’s answer to the modern office


The watercooler used to be a cornerstone of the office environment, but tastes have changed as workplaces have evolved. These days, employees need more than plain water – they need connection, communication and of course, coffee. Never before has a drinking tap so seamlessly incorporated sustainability, style and convenience. 

With 50 years of experience, the experts at BRITA® have developed a multi-functional, front-of-house water dispenser that has been designed with functionality and the user experience in mind. The BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap filters and dispenses instant, hot, chilled and sparkling water.

Created by a team of global leaders in water filtration, the BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap’s water quality and taste is unprecedented, and the state-of-the-art filtration technology in the tap reduces chlorine, limescale, copper and lead. Thus, delivering nothing but incredible tasting, ethical, healthy water.


A tap that improves sustainability

The damaging environmental impact of bottled water is extensive. While some bottles can be recycled or reused, most plastic bottles are made out of non-renewable fossil fuels that take over 1000 years to bio-degrade and produce toxic fumes in the process.

With sustainability and wellness at the core of the philosophy behind the new BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap, it is now easier than ever to do away with bulky, harmful, single-use water bottles.

Significant amounts of both energy and water are used throughout every aspect of the plastic production process - from bottle construction and treatment, water capturing and bottling, all the way to the product reaching the consumer. With the VIVREAU ViTap, these impacts, and the expenses that come with it, are eliminated – reaping positive environmental and economic benefits. With the potential to create 90% less impact on the environment than bottled water, a company of just 100 employees could also cut its annual waste by 500kg with the instillation of a ViTap.

Not only are the materials used to make plastic water bottles unsustainable and finite, they often harbour and release incredibly harmful chemicals such as bipsphenol A (BPA).


A water-fuelled wellness strategy

If the health and wellness of your workforce is important to you, considering the way water is consumed matters significantly, because water is vital for almost every single function of the body. Being able to make delicious tea or coffee in an instant has a profound impact on productivity and morale of your team, particularly when their flavours are improved by the great-tasting filtered water of the ViTap.

The BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap, is the modern answer to the office water-cooler. When the bubbling dinosaurs traditional water coolers disappeared from offices, gone were the days of co-workers connecting over a glass of nature’s most refreshing drink - until now. With a dedicated zone to hydrate front and centre in your workplace, you could be one step closer to happier, healthier, employees and a happier, healthier environment.

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