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BRITA history: 50 years of success

Looking back on five thriving decades

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BRITA celebrates 50 years

The BRITA story – A new idea of water

From 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017, our company celebrated 50 years of BRITA. The first BRITA products were made by hand in founder Heinz Hankammer's garden. In the years to follow, he transformed the company into an innovative leader in drinking water optimisation. Today, BRITA operates in 69 countries across five continents. Now with a new look and redesigned website, BRITA is ready to take on the future.

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Go East

BRITA moves towards Asia

We reached a huge milestone during this period by expanding into Asia. After all, five of the world’s eight largest water filtration markets are located in the East. And we want to tap into its potential.

2015 – 2010
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An era of innovation

In this decade, BRITA celebrated its 40th birthday and launched several innovative consumer water filter jugs. Another highlight: INTENZA, a cartridge for BRITA Integrated Solutions (BIS) applications. We also expanded our range with an innovative new filter cartridge that directly integrates into the kitchen sink.

2009 - 2000
BRITA history brita heinz and markus hankammer

A new generation

Handing over the torch

After 33 years of leading the company, founder Heinz Hankammer became chairman of the newly established supervisory board. In 1999, Markus Hankammer took over as sole CEO of the BRITA Group. By establishing a new recycling programme, BRITA set new sustainability standards.

The 90s
BRITA history aqualux water filter

Entering a new world

BRITA goes international

In the early ’80s, BRITA kicked off its international sales activities. In doing so, BRITA laid the groundwork for expansion, and for the success it has today.

The 80s
BRITA history first water filter

A hero comes to light

BRITA opens the door

Early on in the 1970s, BRITA launched the first water filter jug for home use. An event that marked the beginning of BRITA’s story of success.

The ’70s
BRITA history family working first filters

Heinz Hankammer founded BRITA

The start of success

BRITA's history began in 1966 when company founder Heinz Hankammer had the great idea of optimising mains water in a convenient and simple way. In 1967, the AquaDeMat, a filter that demineralised water for car batteries at petrol stations, went into serial production for the first time.