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Get detailed information and specs about BRITA products and applications.

Instruction manuals

AquaAroma Crema Instruction Manual
(PDF, 1.01 MB)
AquaGusto Instruction Manual
(PDF, 899.54 KB)
PURITY Quell ST Instruction Manual
(PDF, 6.8 MB)
PURITY Steam Cartridge Replacement Instructions
(PDF, 2.19 MB)
PURITY Clean/Clean Extra Cartridge Replacement Instructions
(PDF, 1.74 MB)
PURITY Clean/Clean Extra Instruction Manual
(PDF, 3.11 MB)
PURITY Finest Cartridge Replacement Instructions
(PDF, 1.1 MB)
PURITY C Instruction Manual
(PDF, 1.85 MB)
PURITY C Steam Instruction Manual
(PDF, 1.53 MB)
PURITY Remote Display Instruction Manual
(PDF, 1.01 MB)
FlowMeter 10-100 Instruction Manual
(PDF, 1.43 MB)
Warning Notice
(PDF, 57.52 KB)
Flushing your filter
(PDF, 7.21 MB)


Filter Product Catalogue
(PDF, 3.06 MB)
Flyer Professional Filter Service App
(PDF, 340.1 KB)
Coffee Shop & Bakery Brochure
(PDF, 2.99 MB)
Vending Brochure
(PDF, 3.65 MB)
Catering Brochure
(PDF, 3.25 MB)
Fine Dining Brochure
(PDF, 3.19 MB)
Water Basics Brochure
(PDF, 24.81 MB)
Water Types
(PDF, 459.14 KB)
Water & Coffee Factsheet
(PDF, 690.44 KB)
Image Brochure
(PDF, 7.53 MB)
BRITA Restaurants & Hotels Brochure
(PDF, 3.62 MB)
BRITA Office & Industry Brochure
(PDF, 8.12 MB)
BRITA Architects and Specifiers Brochure
(PDF, 11.35 MB)
Your sustainable water solution
(PDF, 896.6 KB)
Your filtration guide for BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers
(PDF, 1.61 MB)

Data sheets

AquaGusto Data Sheet
(PDF, 733.87 KB)
PURITY Finest Data Sheet
(PDF, 282.23 KB)
PURITY Quell ST Data Sheet
(PDF, 299.8 KB)
PURITY Clean/Clean Extra Data Sheet
(PDF, 469.23 KB)
PURITY Steam Data Sheet
(PDF, 307.53 KB)
PURITY C50 Fresh Data Sheet
(PDF, 220.5 KB)
PURITY C1000 AC Data Sheet
(PDF, 206.12 KB)
PURITY C Finest Data Sheet
(PDF, 308.76 KB)
PURITY C Quell ST Starter Sets Data Sheet
(PDF, 435.96 KB)
PURITY C Steam Data Sheet
(PDF, 557.56 KB)
PURITY Accessories Data Sheet
(PDF, 273.55 KB)
PURITY C Accessories Data Sheet
(PDF, 196.95 KB)
Flex Connect Data Sheet
(PDF, 215.93 KB)
PURITY C Filter Heads Data Sheet
(PDF, 368.2 KB)
Filter Accessories Data Sheet
(PDF, 162.9 KB)
ViTap Product Information
(PDF, 3.73 MB)
BRITA VIVREAU Bottler Product Information
(PDF, 3.44 MB)
BRITA Bottles Product Information
(PDF, 1.21 MB)

Tables of capacities

Bypasses and Capacities Table
(PDF, 162.39 KB)

Technical data

PURITY C50 G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 6.44 MB)
PURITY C50 G3/8" with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 8.59 MB)
PURITY C50 JohnGuest Technical Data
(ZIP, 7.39 MB)
PURITY C50 JohnGuest with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 7.77 MB)
PURITY C150 G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 6.13 MB)
PURITY C150 G3/8" with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 8.19 MB)
PURITY C150 JohnGuest Technical Data
(ZIP, 5.43 MB)
PURITY C150 JohnGuest with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 7.45 MB)
PURITY C300 G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 6.15 MB)
PURITY C300 G3/8" with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 8.22 MB)
PURITY C300 JohnGuest Technical Data
(ZIP, 5.37 MB)
PURITY C300 JohnGuest with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 8.07 MB)
PURITY C500 G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 5.97 MB)
PURITY C500 G3/8" with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 7.98 MB)
PURITY C1100 G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 9.97 MB)
PURITY C1100 JohnGuest Technical Data
(ZIP, 5.19 MB)
PURITY C1000 AC G3/8" Technical Data
(ZIP, 6.57 MB)
PURITY C1000 AC G3/8" with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 8.72 MB)
PURITY C1000 AC JohnGuest Technical Data
(ZIP, 5.69 MB)
PURITY C1000 AC JohnGuest with wall mount Technical Data
(ZIP, 7.85 MB)
PURITY 1200 Systems Quell ST, Steam, Clean, Clean Extra Technical Data
(ZIP, 3.7 MB)

Stories, white papers & references

Case Study: Galvin La Chapelle
(PDF, 2.49 MB)
Case Study: Spreespeicher
(PDF, 2.78 MB)
Case Study: Springer Nature
(PDF, 2.38 MB)
Case Study: The Co-operative
(PDF, 2.81 MB)
Case Study: Barista
(PDF, 3.37 MB)
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