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Get ready to turn on the taste

Why drink bottled water when there's a better solution? Make a difference and live more sustainably with BRITA filtered water.

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Latest news from the BRITA water filter world

Want to know more about the water in your local area?

Learn about tap water conditions in your area today.

Cooking ingredients

You cook with the best ingredients so why not use the best water?

Discover the benefits of cooking using filtered water.

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Worldwide Water Stories

Inspiring stories from around the world amid the global water crisis

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Sensory water wheel

The science behind great tasting water

All water isn’t created equal. Professional water testers help continually improve its taste.

BRITA VIVREAU ViTap dispenser

The BRITA VIVREAU ViTap: Quenching thirst in style

Discover the BRITA VIVREAU ViTap. A simple and sleek design, sure to blend into any modern interior.

Water lifecycle

There’s more to water than meets the eye

Explore how the water cycle influences water composition and how it reacts to coffee.

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Lifting the lid on how BRITA’s filters work

BRITA provide great tasting filtered water by reducing impurities that may exist in tap water. Discover how the magic happens.

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Recycle your MAXTRA filters

Discover how you can recycle your BRITA MAXTRA filters while making a difference to our environment.