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Latest news from the BRITA water filter world

Curious about water conditions in your area?

Discover the tap water conditions in your area today.

Kind to the planet

Recycle your BRITA MAXTRA+ filters

Discover how you can recycle your BRITA MAXTRA filter cartidges and help be kind to our planet.

Say hello to BRITA

Design your own water with BRITA. Get to know the story behind us: More than 50 years of our team´s passion flow into filtering your water. Find out, how it all began and why to choose BRITA – watch now:


Your personal hydration needs

Do you drink enough water?

Hydration is the key to improved concentration and an overall healthy body and mind.

Sustainable water filter solutions

Goodbye, plastic bottles!

Time to make a change towards sustainable water filter solutions – for great taste and less waste.


The modern day water-cooler

BRITA VIVREAU ViTap water dispenser – for chilled, still and sparkling water on demand.

Upgrade your coffee with BRITA

Great water makes great coffee

Filtered water reduces taste impairing substances leaving you with full flavoured tea and coffee.