Learn How to Untap Productivity in the Workplace

As competition and change skyrockets with every technological advancement, global employee engagement levels are plummeting to new lows of 15%. As such, finding sustainable ways to improve the output of our teams has become a top priority in every industry. 

In fact, there are few buzzwords that have seen such widespread adoption as “productivity.” But what are the main aspects your business considers when it comes to boosting productivity in the workplace? Faster computers? Flexible work policies? More training? More incentives?

When it comes to attracting employees, building workplace engagement, and preventing burnout, the key to a productive workplace actually comes down to three things: relationships with real people, sustainability and wellness. What if there was a solution that ticked all three boxes?


A positive culture is key

It’s long been said that positive workplace cultures increase productivity. As we begin to rely on technology for office communications, meaningful face-to-face human connections with colleagues and supervisors are beginning to define a crucial aspect of this positive experience. In fact, studies by MIT have found that re-introducing ‘water cooler’ conversations in the office can improve productivity by up to 15%.

Up to 7% of the workforce is already affected by burnout, but we can stop this trend by providing workers with spaces where they can socialise – social settings help to increase commitment and satisfaction, and fulfil employees’ need for belonging. Standing meetings have gained popularity for this reason, as they don’t last as long and give employees a chance to connect and check in with each other in person – whilst staying active and moving around the office.


What’s water got to do with it?

The ‘water cooler effect’ is not only renowned for its cultural engagement benefits. Another way to improve productivity is to implement wellness initiatives – but this doesn’t have to be a high-effort event. Initiatives that support employees’ existing needs rather than requiring additional effort tend to have the best response and in these situations, hydration plays a vital role.

In fact, studies show that 1 in every 10 visits to the doctor are linked to dehydration. Even a small 2% drop in hydration levels can lead to grumpiness, headaches, poor concentration and difficulties completing tasks. Yet, providing employees with a communal drinking space where they can access fresh, filtered, great-tasting water is not often high enough on business priority lists.

Building sustainable productivity

Looking to the future, the idea of a plastic free environment will be vital when it comes to engaging a younger generation of productive employees – in fact, 76% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments to be integral when choosing a company to work for.

When you consider that a single plastic bottle takes 1000 years to biodegrade and contributes to the truckloads of plastics that enter the ocean each year, any initiative to improve productivity for employees will need to be sustainable in its approach.


Introducing the BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap

To help untap the benefits of productivity in the workplace, water filtration technology has reached new heights. With an expertly-crafted German-designed BRITA® VIVREAU ViTap, it’s easy to bring back the long-lost tradition of gathering, meeting and connecting in the office, supporting employees’ wellbeing, increasing productivity and allowing all employees to reach an optimum state of performance.

It’s more than just a tap - offering multiple hydration options from a centralised point in the office, freeing up the kitchen sink area and eliminating the congestion caused by having all services in one area. Backed by a 50-year legacy in water filtration, it’s low maintenance and can be kitted out with teas, coffees and branded reusable bottles - no wasteful plastic bottles required.

One simple installation can demonstrate a visible commitment to your employees’ health and wellbeing and the long-term sustainability of the company.

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