Why a Water Dispenser is the New Workplace Must-Have

Recently, workplace wellness has become increasingly important for both employees and employers. And it’s not only good for the individual, it’s good for the collective too —improving overall performance and engagement.

Hydration is quickly becoming a key part of this discussion. Not only is the regular consumption of water good for your health, but camaraderie and team loyalty are boosted with the as employers make conversation by the water cooler. And with a BRITA water dispenser, everyone can enjoy as much water as they like, however they like it. Be it filtered hot, chilled still or sparkling water.


Every day, millions of people spend a large part of our day at work. They rush from place to place or from meeting to meeting. Creating a positive atmosphere at work is essential, and that atmosphere includes a positive corporate culture and attractive amenities, such as fresh, filtered water for employees.

Pleasant surroundings stimulate our brain and make people not only happier, but more efficient, and drinking water is the same. Staying adequately hydrated significantly improves sense of well-being and concentration. 

But not all water is the same—the water that comes straight from the tap can have a range of minerals that affect taste, which can undo some of the mood-boosting people get from a cold drink. The best way to guarantee the best water for the whole team is with a cost-effective, convenient, benchtop water filtration system through a dispenser.

A water dispenser lets you go with the flow

For most, it can be hard to hydrate enough throughout the day. People become preoccupied or distracted, or sometimes they simply don't think about it. This happens more when people are under stress, but it actually only makes the situation worse since being dehydrated increases both physical and mental strain. And the added dehydrators of air conditioning and weather can enhance the issue.

Installing a clean water filter in the office or workplace is a great reminder to employees that they need to hydrate, and that their workplace cares about their well-being. A countertop dispenser can dispense filtered hot water, chilled water, and even sparkling water so that employees can beat thirst.

Dispensers can also help combat waste in the workplace. Employees can leave the single-use plastic bottles behind and refill a reusable water bottle with filtered water throughout the day. 


Using a dispenser to create a unique workplace

Finding the right water offer for your company depends on a range of factors, such as company culture, building conditions, and economic aspects.

The BRITA VIVREAU ViTap is a technologically sophisticated source of premium filtered hot water and chilled still and sparkling water.

The expertly crafted, German-designed BRITA VIVREAU ViTap, is the star-attraction wherever it’s displayed. The real wow factor though is the BRITA filtration legacy that encompasses expert engineering, ensuring specialist regional filtration, and drinking water with unrivalled taste and quality. That means wherever you are and whatever the water quality is in your pipes, the ViTap can deliver great tasting water.

A Dispenser like the ViTap is ideal in a busy office environment—it’s reliable and dependable, with high-capacity dispensing capabilities, allowing for consistent performance during peak periods of use.

From regional analysis of your water and installation of your dispenser, to maintenance via certified service technicians, and branded bottles BRITA is your partner and total solutions provider.


Boost your hydration

To boost the hydration rate of everyone in the workplace, the team can take some steps together for better health.

  1. Aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. Fill a water bottle, jug, or carafe and keep it nearby to help remind you to take a drink.
  2. Drink before you feel thirsty, as thirst indicates dehydration. Use the helpful rule of thumb of drinking one glass of water every two hours, and two glasses of water with each meal.
  3. Establish rituals such as drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. Workplaces can encourage regular habits by placing water dispensers by entrances or common areas. 
  4. Keep things interesting and drink water in different forms. Try a glass of sparkling instead of still, try hot water in tea, or use a flavoured infusion to shake things up. You can stay refreshed and never get bored. Drinking water in different forms can also keep you healthy. For instance, sparkling water aids digestion and the bicarbonate it contains has a neutral effect on your acid-base balance.

The best drink for your health

Water refreshes us and keeps us fit. Staying hydrated helps boost your immune system, keeps blood sugar at an optimum level, and increases concentration and your overall sense of well-being. Lemonade and juice contain additives that the body must digest first. In contrast, water lands directly where it’s needed, so it can support your body effectively.

That’s why it's smart to keep water nearby at work. Stored in a stylish carafe or bottle – with your name or company logo – it supports corporate identity, while also reminding us of one of our most essential needs. 

A water dispenser with ready cold water or hot water, that has already been through a water filtration system to be as healthy as it can be, is an ideal way to keep the whole workplace happy, healthy, and hydrated.

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