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MC Centre reception

Six Star Green Rated. Well V2 Certified

BRITA proudly presents Meredith Connell’s ground breaking MC Centre - the best place to work in New Zealand.

710x400 Centrepiece bottle

Sustainable, premium solutions

With sustainable practices at the core, discover the other reasons CENTREPIECE by Melbourne Park impress their guests with premium water filtration solutions by BRITA

Case Studies - Robertson lodges tile

Ongoing commitment to the environment

We spoke with Callum Farnell, Director of Hospitality of Robertson Lodges about the impact BRITA water filtration solutions has had on the business.

Discover how water dispensers can improve your workplace

Workplaces of the future

The evolution of workplaces post-pandemic

Work spaces can affect our well-being and impact our mental health, both in a positive and a negative way. Discover the offices of the future and how to create a mindful office.

Working towards wellness

Increase workplace efficiency and improve employee wellness with 3 simple strategies.

Man on the phone productivity

How one simple thing can deliver better workplace productivity

Discover the key to a productive workplace that ticks all the boxes: improving relationships with real people, sustainability and wellness

People in boardroom

“To make customers happy, we have to make sure our employees are happy”

Discover how to create a positive workplace environment to increase productivity, collaboration and employee efficiency 

ViTap dispenser

The technologically sophisticated source of premium filtered water

Filtered hot, chilled still or sparkling water, see how the BRITA ViTap is the workplace must-have

Ecofriendly office

How eco-friendly is your office?

Discover how small green workplace ideas can easily snowball into the bigger benefits of sustainable work practices to improve the environment and the world

ViTap dispenser

The BRITA ViTap dispenser. Quenching thirst in style

Discover the BRITA ViTap dispenser. A simple and sleek design, sure to blend into any modern interior. 


Are you drinking enough water?

Throughout the day, it's easy to forget to drink enough water. Learn the tips on easy ways to stay hydrated every day