Offices of the future

Offices of the future

What will our work spaces look like post-pandemic?

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After two years of working from our lounges, dining tables and even our beds thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s time for most of us to head back into the office. But let’s be honest, our employers will have to dangle a pretty attractive carrot – in the form of an enhanced work environment – to get us back there.

On a serious note, psychologists claim that our work spaces can affect our well-being and impact our mental health, both in a positive and a negative way. In fact, research commissioned by BRITA UK, leading experts in the field of water filtration, found 79 per cent of office workers agree that a well-designed office would motivate them to accept a job1.

For the most part, employers have already responded to the well-being needs of their workers by providing flexible working hours, shared parental leave and even access to counselling.

But a growing school of thought is looking at the office environment – a place where some of us spend up to a third of our lives – and asking what does the office of the future look like?

BRITA UK researchers created a blueprint on the office of the future called H20 Home to Office focusing on six elements to contribute to The Mindful Office. It’s in response to the fact psychologists report the demand for mental health services have never been greater, a fact businesses cannot ignore.

BRITA Blueprint for positive mental health

The Mindful Office: A blueprint for positive mental health

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In Australia, there was a 33 per cent increase in calls to Lifeline recorded in September 2021 compared to September 2019 and a jump of 21 per cent at Beyond Blue, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare2.

So, what the elements the office of the future will need?

  • Nature: for example, boosting oxygen levels by introducing more plants.
  • Comfort: things like at-desk temperature controls, natural ventilation, privacy and security.
  • Hydration: predominantly water filters throughout the office like the BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser for great-tasting drinking water.
  • Social: the ability to access areas for collaboration and interaction and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Rest: facilities like private booths for better focus and concentration as well as areas for meditation and mindfulness.
  • Fitness: ideas like one-way walking paths to encourage people to walk further throughout the office and showers to promote exercise on the way to work or during lunch breaks.

All of these factors are seen as promoting positive mental health while in the office.


Three additional elements can be added to this model to further promote the positive wellbeing of workers.

  • Nutrition: by providing access to nourishing food and encourage better nutrition
  • Toxicology: improve air quality and incoming water supply, which can be done with the BRITA VIVREAU water filter system connecting straight to taps.
  • Psychology: an understanding that the design of a work space can positively impact worker happiness and even decision-making and overall productivity.

The German-designed BRITA VIVREAU water filtration system can address two of the eight points in an easy and effective way by providing access to mains-fed filtered water at different points throughout the office.

BRITA UK researchers found one in five workers missed having access to high-quality amenities like tea, coffee and great-tasting filtered water. Furthermore, the research found 82 per cent of workers named sustainability at the top of their list of what was important for their return to the office.

Having access to the BRITA water filtration dispenser would also substantially reduce single-use bottles and therefore increase the carbon footprint of a business.

The BRITA VIVREAU ViTap dispenser gives workers access to chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot water at the touch of a button – a high-quality, premium amenity for any office looking to introduce or upgrade access to filtered water.

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