BRITA Extra C-tap dispenser

Office Water Dispensers

  • Quality mains-fed water dispensers for offices
  • Create a more sustainable office environment
  • Save money vs pre-bottled water
  • Hot, cold, and sparkling water on demand

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Office workers beside a BRITA water dispenser

Benefits of water dispensers for offices

Our range of water dispensers is perfect for the office. Here we explore a range of benefits by choosing BRITA for your office water dispenser.

  1. Great tasting water on demand: Provide staff and guests with quality filtered water through a mains-fed water dispenser.
  2. Create a more sustainable office: Reduce single use plastic bottled water. 
  3. Safe and hygienic: Our hygiene technology reduces 99.99% of bacteria and protects against external contamination.
  4. Quality and reliability: Our office dispensers and water coolers are German engineered with first-rate materials so you can count on a quality product that won’t let you down.

Types of office water dispensers

Our water machines for offices can be installed anywhere in your workplace – from communal areas, high foot traffic spaces, and everywhere in between. We also offer different capacity options depending on your consumption requirements


1. Integrated tap

Fit seamlessly into communal office areas such as kitchens, tea points, and staff rooms.

Our tap systems dispense hot, cold and sparkling water on demand.

Top 50/85 - Floor standing model

2. Floorstanding

Flexible dispensers that are perfect for communal areas including receptions, staffrooms and hallways.

The base cabinets on these office water machines can be personalised with your branding.

office worker filling up water bottle

3. Countertop

Similarly to our floorstanding water dispenser, opting for a countertop dispenser offers 4 water types: ambient and chilled still or chilled semi-sparkling or sparkling.

It takes up little space and it is perfect for a communal kitchen.

Top dispenser with hygiene plus logo

Office water dispenser safety and hygiene

We understand that office hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance. This is why we have developed two unique features to ensure employees can safely access clean, fresh, great-tasting water.


  • Automatically heat the office water dispenser outlet tap at regular intervals to thermally disinfect it.
  • Protects against retrograde contamination from external sources such as physical contact (e.g. touching the tap) and droplets (e.g. sneezing or coughing).
  • Is always on duty, even during inactive phases such as overnight or weekends, so no manual effort or chemical additives are required.


  • Removes 99.99% of all bacteria.
  • Offers a three-zone protection system, which reduces impurities found in tap water. The first safeguard is the BRITA CLARITY Protect filter at the inlet. The CLARITY protect filters out 99.99% of bacteria and 99.95% of cysts. 
  • The second safeguard is the Clarity safe X3 filter which has a double-layer membrane that removes any potentially remaining bacteria and microbial cysts just before the water is drawn. 
  • Finally, the last safeguard is BRITA's powerful ThermalGate™ feature which protects against contamination from external sources. 
Discover our office water dispensers

BRITA Extra C-Tap

Our Extra C-Tap has a sleek, premium design that can be tailored to your preference, with smart features like portion control, that make it quick and simple to use. The perfect tap offices. 

  • Flexible to suit your office space: Choose the right water dispenser to suit your space with options for ambient, chilled, sparkling and hot water.
  • Hot on hygiene: Keep your employees safe with BRITA ThermalGate™ - our powerful thermal disinfection solution. This automatically and regularly heats the water dispenser tap to disinfect it, providing you with a protective defence against bacteria and viruses.
Office worker drinking from BRITA dispenser


The BRITA Top Pro comes into its own as a convenient option in reception areas, staff rooms, or high-foot traffic spaces such as hallways and is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a water dispenser for an office.

  • The Top comes as both a floorstanding and countertop model.
  • Equipped with our HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technology, ensuring your office water is as safe as possible.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use intuitive touch display.
  • Optional Easy Access Panel (EAP), an additional control unit that can be positioned at a lower point, either flat to a surface or at an angle.
  • The EAP is ideal for wheelchair users as it enables safe access to drinking water without having to reach over the appliance or water dispenser point.
BRITA bottles on office table

BRITA Bottles

Providing staff with a BRITA water bottle will encourage a refill culture in your workplace.

  • Improve your sustainability efforts and reduce the cost of buying, transporting and storing single-use plastic bottled water.
  • Increasing the use of personal bottles will assist your hygiene and safety efforts.
  • Our Wave and Swing bottles are perfect for communal use, such as meetings and conferences. Made with glass, they bode a sleek design and a range of designs and sizes depending on your needs.
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BRITA Extra C-Tap

BRITA Extra C-Tap

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With over 50 years’ experience in water filtration, BRITA is a brand you can trust

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