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Factory Water Dispensers

  • Robust mains-fed factory water dispensers you can rely on
  • Save money vs. costs of pre-bottled water
  • BRITA authorised service agents and Customer Care
  • Quality filtered water on demand for factory staff 24/7

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Dispenser on manufacturing floor

Benefits of our water dispensers for your factory

  1. Quality, robust product: our German-engineered factory water dispensers are expertly produced with first-rate materials, so you can count on a reliable, quality product that won’t let you down.
  2. Service: Dedicated Customer Care and BRITA authorised service agents.
  3. Save on costs: save money with mains-fed water dispensers for factories vs. the cost of buying and storing pre-bottled water.
  4. A sustainable option: reduce single-use plastic water bottles from your manufacturing site.
  5. Water on the go: Unlimited hot and cold water on demand for busy staff.

Our factory water dispensers are a hassle-free solution to your manufacturing business

Manufacturing water dispensers

Water dispensers

Our versatile range of both hot and cold mains-fed water dispensers for your factory ensure we have a product that answers any need you have. From the manufacturing floor to staff rooms and on-site offices.

BRITA wave bottle

Water bottles and accessories

We offer a range of durable personal water bottles. Perfect for busy on-the-go factory staff in labor-intensive jobs. We also supply larger communal bottles for meeting rooms.

Technician with dispenser

Service and maintenance

A range of service options, dedicated customer care, and national BRITA authorised service team.

Your manufacturing business benefits from our premium end-to-end service offering.

Manufacturing unique requirements

Unique requirements for manufacturing sites:

  • Remote locations: Water dispensers for factories provide high-quality hot and cold water directly on site.
  • Reduce downtime: Installing a water dispenser on your manufacturing site, reduces the need for staff to leave site to access cold drinking water or hot water for tea and coffee.
  • Always on: Our factory water coolers supply cold and hot water on demand for staff working at all hours of the day.
  • Robust build: Produced with first-rate materials our factory dispensers can handle busy manufacturing sites.
  • Easy to clean: Our systems can all be easily cleaned and wiped down, which is imperative given the potential for greasy hands when using the factory water dispensers on site.

The safety and hygiene of our factory water dispensers

Our water dispensers for your manufacturing business has the highest standards of safety and hygiene with our HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technology. Learn more about our water dispensers for your factory:



Discover our factory water dispenser range:
Dispenser filling bottle


The BRITA Top Pro is the perfect countertop water dispenser for the manufacturing floor.

  • Optional mechanical buttons – perfect for users with greasy hands or gloves.
  • Can also be set up as a convenient option in reception areas, staff rooms, or high foot traffic spaces such as hallways.
  • The Top comes as both a floorstanding and countertop model.
  • Equipped with our hassle-free HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technology.
  • Easy to clean and wipe down after use.

BRITA Extra C-Tap

The Extra C-Tap is our first customisable water dispenser. The Extra C-Shape has a sleek, premium design that can be tailored to your preference, with smart features like portion control, that make it quick and simple to use. Perfect for communal areas such as staff rooms - with filtered water available immediately for busy workers. 

  • Flexible to suit your space; Choose the right water dispenser to suit your space with options for ambient, chilled, sparkling and hot water.
  • Hot on hygiene: Keep your employees safe with BRITA ThermalGate™ - our powerful thermal disinfection solution. This automatically and regularly heats the water dispenser tap to disinfect it, providing you with a protective defence against bacteria and viruses.
BRITA Water bottles

BRITA Bottles

Providing your employees with a BRITA water bottle will create a refill culture in your workplace and is a great addition to your factory water dispenser.

  • Encourage hardworking staff to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Improve your sustainability efforts and reduce the cost of buying, transporting and storing single-use plastic bottled water.
  • Increasing the use of personal bottles will assist your hygiene and safety efforts.
  • Our Wave and Swing bottles are perfect for communal use, such as meetings and conferences. Made with glass, they bode a sleek design and a range of designs and sizes depending on your needs.
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Mon-Thur 9:00 - 16:30 AEDT/AEST
Fri 9:00 - 16:00 AEDT/AEST

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Which dispenser are you looking for?

Extra C-Tap

BRITA Extra C-Tap

BRITA Extra C-Tap

Our signature water dispenser with outstanding design and state-of-the-art technology

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap 305



See product details

Eco-friendly choice

Ecological alternative to bottled water

Water dispenser BRITA VIVREAU Top



See product details

Quality & Reliability

With over 50 years’ experience in water filtration, BRITA is a brand you can trust

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU Bottler 104 Countertop

BRITA bottler

BRITA bottler