Sustainability and a Healthier Planet

As a savvy consumer and someone who cares about the health of our beautiful planet, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of our greatest passions too! Here at BRITA, we care deeply about the quality of the water our customers enjoy, as filtering catches impurities like chlorine for healthier drinking water. Along with keeping us healthy with healthy water, we’re also passionate about keeping our environment just as healthy so that generations after us can enjoy delicious water too.

Achieving Sustainability by saying Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic


It can take up to 400 years for nature to biodegrade a plastic bottle. Large pieces of plastic can spill onto beaches and oceans, where it can greatly harm the native animals of the sea and land. Plastic waste can also wash up on the shore and pose a threat to tourist destinations, which affects the local’s livelihoods.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to take intentional steps towards sustainable living and a sustainable future is to cut down (or better yet, cut out) single-use plastics in your day-to-day life. Don’t feel stressed about changing your lifestyle overnight, just start taking intentional steps toward living a more sustainable, life today. Try reducing waste and emissions with one small change at a time. One of the best ways to start is to ditch the use of plastic water bottles and invest in a high-quality reusable bottle you can use daily for years. Then you can enjoy your healthy, filtered water guilt-free.

Choose Filtering Over Discarding


Did you know that water covers 70 per cent of the earth’s surface? Humans and animals rely on clean water for life and enjoyment. From pure drinking water to stunning views, we need those natural properties of water for many aspects of our lives. That’s why it’s imperative that we keep the earth’s water clean and healthy.

With plastic waste negatively impacting our planet so heavily, getting your drinking water in a more eco-friendly, environmental way is an important step toward sustainable living. Filtering your water is the best way to ensure your drinking water is safe, pristine, and tasting great while also keeping the planet safe from the harmful effects of plastic rubbish. If you’re in the market for a water filtration system, try one of our tap filter systems or water filter jugs.

Practical Tips for Sustainable Living

Looking for even more ways to help take care of our earth and reduce your carbon footprint? Try some of these simple tips that can have a massive impact on the health of our precious planet!

  • Instead of purchasing plastic toys, accessories, furniture, or home appliances, opt for an alternative that will last longer and not contribute to long-term waste.
  • Ditch the plastic packaging and bags and go for a reusable option when shopping.
  • Sort your rubbish and dispose of plastic waste in a public recycling system when available.
  • Use grease-proof paper instead of cling film.
  • Avoid purchasing disposable products like lighters and razors. Instead, invest in a better quality item that will last for many uses.
  • Reuse, repair, and upcycle. When something breaks, get creative with solutions other than throwing it away. If it’s not repairable, it can be reused for something else or used as materials for your next DIY project.
  • Recycle everything you can! Did you know our BRITA water filtration cartridges are recyclable? We’re proud to have been the world’s first water filter manufacturer to offer customers a recycling program.

Environmental Sustainability affects the whole Community

We're all part of a community when it comes to the environment. Both in Australia and globally, our shared commitment is what helps reduce long-term environmental impacts. We can participate in Plastic Free July, filter waste from our tap water to purify the natural resource, and make more environmentally conscious decisions each day.