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A Renter's Checklist

On Tap water filters, a renter's best friend.

For everyone who loves the taste of fresh water a BRITA On Tap water filter will be a good option. Pretty easy to install and you get delicious water in a healthy way straight from the sink.

For renters moving into a new home, there are a few things you need to do straight away: connect your electricity and internet, and (for water-lovers who enjoy delicious tasting water) install your on-tap water filter.

On Tap filter systems easily mount onto your existing kitchen tap for great-tasting, filtered water whenever you want it. These water filters are so well-suited for people who rent because they are easy to add to your kitchen taps and don’t require any permanent alteration to the sink – so it’s a DIY job. The easy installation and removal mean that you won’t need permission from your landlord or property manager to ensure you have access to filtered water, and you can easily pack it up and bring your BRITA On Tap Pro V-MF System with you if or when you move to a new rental home.

Lifting the lid on how the On Tap Pro V-MF filter works

TOTT on-tap pro v-mf

Changing the filter in an On tap system

To make your life easy, the BRITA On Tap Water Filter System features a digital display showing you the remaining capacity of the water filter in use. When you first install the filter, the display will read 600, indicating the filter has a capacity of 600 litres. As you use your water filter, the number (and the filtration capacity) decreases. When the LCD countdown reaches zero, you know it’s time to replace the filter.

When it’s time to change the filter in your on-tap system, you can easily unscrew the back compartment and remove the old filter. Then insert a new On-Tap V-MF Filter Cartridge and close the compartment once again. Now the display will reset to indicate the capacity to filter another 600L of water.


Water filter jugs

Of course, in some instances, you may not be able to install an On Tap water filter system—perhaps you have housemates who doesn’t want one or your kitchen tap might not be compatible. Fortunately, you can still enjoy great-tasting water.

Water filter jugs are a great, easy-to-use option for filtered water at home. Fill your water jug with water and put the jug in the fridge for cool, filtered water when you want it.

Linus Nylund waterdrops

Why filter water at all

For anyone curious about filtered water, it might not be clear why it’s worth installing a water filter in the first place. The taste is the first and most obvious reason people enjoy drinking water from a filtration system.

BRITA filters turn tap water into great-tasting, freshly filtered water. Certain elements our drinking water can pick up as it completes its journey through our pipes and out of our tap can affect the taste. Some water might taste metallic or overly earthy. Of course, all drinking water in Australia is safe to consume, as water regulations ensure harmful materials don’t make it into our water systems. But for some, bad-tasting water or water with an off-putting smell is a real problem. And it’s a lot harder to stay adequately hydrated if your water has a foul odour or flavour.

Along with great-tasting water, you can enjoy great-tasting food. Any food that uses water can be affected by its flavour. Dishes like broth and pasta especially hinge on water’s taste. Filtering out unpleasant tastes in drinking water can also lead to better-tasting dishes. Not to mention the great taste of coffee and tea that comes with freshly filtered water.

BRITA water filters also catch materials such as microplastics, chlorine, and even materials that can cause limescale build-up in your appliances for a longer life for your kettle. Not to mention, a home water filter is much cheaper than bottled water and better for the environment than single-use plastic water bottles. 

Glenn Carstens-Peters Checklist

Renter’s Checklist

To get the most out of a home, every renter has a checklist when they move into a new rental property. For anyone who loves great-tasting water, that checklist includes installing their convenient on-tap water filter.

  • Update mailing address
  • Connect internet
  • Connect power (electricity and gas)
  • Install water filter