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Improve the Taste with Filtered Water

We know that filtered water might taste different to unfiltered water. So why would it be odd to think that water could affect the taste of your food? After all, water is an essential part of so many delicious recipes. Why not improve how your food tastes with great-tasting water?

Water flavour

There are plenty of benefits of using a water filter system when cooking. The key benefits are improving the taste of your food, as BRITA filters can help reduce impurities and enhance the overall flavour of the water. That improved taste might make a world of difference when cooking things like pasta or rice in filtered water and warm broths for a cosy winter’s dinner.

Drinking water is safe in Australia, as all drinking water must meet national regulations to remove dangerous elements like heavy metals. The contaminants that can remain in your water often include things like chlorine and calcium. These won't affect your hydration, but you might notice a difference in taste.



In some cases, unfiltered water can contain trace elements or chemicals that, while perfectly safe, can neutralise some vitamins and nutrients in what you eat [1]  . Specifically, chlorine and vitamin C neutralise each other. That means that if your tap water contains chlorine, and you use it in a delicious drink with vitamin C in it, two things can happen. First, you might be able to taste the chlorine, which might be a taste you don’t like. Second, you may lose some nutritional value from that delicious drink. For people looking for hydration and nutrition all in one, a water filtration system can help to ensure you get all the good stuff from your food.

How to incorporate water filtration into meal prep

Using filtered water when cooking comes down to having a good water filter and reliable recipes.

Recipes with filtered water 

To get the most out of a water filter, you’ll want to choose recipes that showcase the great flavour of your filtered water. 

Pasta dishes are great options. Not only can you use filtered water in the sauce itself, which can then simmer and thicken on the stove, but you can also use it for cooking the pasta. The flavour of pure water can significantly affect the taste of pasta. That’s why professional chefs will advise you to salt the water you cook pasta in, as this is the best way to season the pasta before it meets the sauce. 

If you have a sweet tooth, homemade gelatos and sorbet recipes often rely on water as a critical ingredient. Filtration can improve your drink recipes, too, from warm teas to nutrient-rich smoothies. If you want to optimise taste and odour, the suitable H2O can make a difference.

Filtered water in health shakes

From protein powder shakes to supplement shakes for gut health and glowing skin, one of the most important ingredients is the liquid you use. Some protein shakes can use milk as the base liquid, but plenty more and plenty of supplements rely on good-quality water.

A water-based shake helps you hydrate, which is important if you’re enjoying a post-workout shake or a nutritious drink on a hot day. By making use of filtered water in your shakes, you can enjoy a better taste, better hydration, and better absorption of those important nutrients.


How to filter water for food

The most optimal way to get filtered water for your cooking is with a  tap filter system or with an on-tap filter system.

Options like a filtering water jug might be quick and convenient, especially for renters. They will help you filter your water for delicious cooking water and even help you cut down on using plastic bottles. BRITA water filter jugs use MAXTRA+ filters to help deliver delightful drinking water to keep you hydrated and improve overall health.

But if cooking is your passion and you want easy access to filtered water, having clean water directly from the tap is ideal. Using a tap (also known as an under-sink) or  on-tap water filter system means you can enjoy quality water straight from the tap. A quality system is a must-have if you want filtered water directly from your water supply, ready to use to cook some delicious food.

Whether you're looking for tasty hydration or delicious meals you and your family or friends can enjoy, incorporating a filtration system can help keep your water and your food tasting the best that it can.