BRITA MicroDisc water filters

The water filter for all BRITA water filter bottles for pure tasting water

Item no.: 1039629 | Water Filter MicroDisc

Product information:

  • One BRITA MicroDisc lasts around 1 month

  • ​Filter performance: Bottle: 60 l

  • Water filtration expertise since 1966​

  • For pure tasting water

  • Reduce single use plastic!

BRITA MicroDisc water filters

The water filter for all BRITA water filter bottles for pure tasting water

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Handling of MicroDisc

Easy handling guide

  • Before using the BRITA MicroDisc for the first time, rinse both sides of the disc thoroughly under warm running water for approx. 30 seconds to remove any activated carbon dust that may have adhered to it.
  • In the first litres the MicroDisc may appear to filter slowly because it has not achieved its optimal water flow yet. In this case you may soak it in warm water for one minute which will optimise the water flow.
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Set water filter refill reminder

Would you like to receive a reminder when it is time to exchange your MicroDisc water filter? You can download a calendar entry here: Refill reminder calendar entry

BRITA filters and cartridges MAXTRA+ collage

For use with drinking water only

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.​

This is how the BRITA MicroDisc water filter gives you great tasting water

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Pure-Taste-Technology: What happens inside the BRITA MicroDisc?

MircoDisc with activated carbon

Delivers a pure and fresh taste

Activated natural carbon made from coconut shells filters:

  • chlorine and other taste impairing substances
  • micro particles ≥ 30 μm
  • trace impurities such as certain pesticides, herbicides and hormones*

*as far as contained in tap water

MircroDisc preserves minerals

Preserves minerals

Minerals such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) pass through the filter and remain in your water

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