BRITA MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert water filter cartridges 3 pack

Designed for hard and very hard water

incl. 3 BRITA MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert water filter cartridges

Item no.: 1054673 | MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert water filter

Product information:

  • +50% better limescale reduction compared to MAXTRA PRO Pure Performance water filter. Valid for 150 litres.
  • Reduces: Chlorine, limescale, lead & copper
  • 1 MAXTRA PRO = 1 month
  • Fits in all BRITA MAXTRA systems​
  • Water filtration expertise since 1966
  • Reduce single use plastic!

BRITA MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert water filter cartridges 3 pack

Designed for hard and very hard water

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Make the switch: 3 reasons for BRITA filtered water

Woman enjoys a glass of clear water

Release the full aroma

BRITA provides you and your family with freshly filtered water and will give you better tasting cold and hot drinks.

Woman pours water from glass jug into coffee machine

Protect your appliances

BRITA water filters reduce limescale build up helping your kettle and coffee machine last longer.

Woman holds a lot of platic bottles in her arms

Reduce plastic waste

Each BRITA MAXTRA PRO cartridge can filter up to 150 litres of water. Reduce your plastic use and save money by switching to BRITA.


Filtration in a nutshell

1. Super-fine mesh captures coarse particles from old pipework

2. Natural microcarbon from coconut shells

  • reduces odour- and taste-impairing substances such as chlorine
  • provides great-tasting, freshly filtered water

3. Powerful ion-exchange pearls

  • are 50 % more effective1 at reducing limescale
  • soften water
  • reduce lead and copper

4. Additional high-performance filter mesh

ISCC Plus label mass balance approach logo

Certified: BRITA's bio-based plastic

Bio-based plastics are made entirely or partially from renewable, biological sources such as crops and plants. We only use bio-based plastic that has been certified by the globally recognised ISCC PLUS label (mass balance approach), and we ensure that our bio-based plastic comes from sources that do not compete with food production.  

Mass balance is a method in which bio-based materials are mixed with fossil materials during the production process and then added to the final product. In this way, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the consumption of conventional plastic.

A young woman with yellow hat

Be part of the change

Because every plastic bottle counts.

At BRITA, we are committed to creating a positive and sustainable impact in the world of water. With every BRITA product, you are actively helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles that could end up in waste.

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