Improving the taste of tea

with BRITA Professional Filters

A significant part of every cup of tea is the water we brew the tea in, so why not use the best water we can? We know that great coffee keeps patrons coming back to a café again and again, why should tea be any different? It’s time we start delivering high-quality hot beverages to tea lovers too. 


The Taste of Tea

Everyone loves a cup of quality tea. Whatever loose leaf or teabag you serve at your café—green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea, matcha, oolong, rooibos, or pu-erh. Whether you serve hot cuppas or iced tea, the taste of the tea is what you and your customers enjoy.

Some tea drinkers prefer their tea served loose leaf in a pot. In fact, special serving methods is one of the main reasons tea lovers will enjoy a cup or two at a café, instead of just popping a teabag into a mug at home. Even the material of the teapot can affect how the tea tastes, with cast iron and porcelain having different heat properties. When drinking tea at a café or restaurant, we want the tea to be even better than what we have at home.

The Taste of Water

If the tea leaves are the most important ingredient in the brew, then the water is the second most important ingredient. In Australia, our water goes through water treatment to meet national standards before it makes its way to our taps.

However, the water can pick up heavy metals and other impurities along that journey that affect the water taste, odour, and mouthfeel. Some elements can lead to an earthy aftertaste, others can make the water more acidic. And with water being so important in tea, those minor imperfections can affect the taste of the tea you serve. Perform a taste test on your water and try to notice any flavours.

Drink...Better with BRITA

Tea expert Jane Pettigrew shares her tips for the perfect brew


Improving Tea with Water Filters

Our drinking water is safe and healthy to drink, but it can negatively impact the quality and taste of drinks like tea. Filtered water is the best way to address concerns of water taste to ensure the best tasting tea for you and your café patrons. Water filtration removes a lot of contaminants like chlorine from the tap water that our taste buds and taste receptors pick up.

BRITA water filtration systems adapt can easily and automatically filter impurities. Additionally, you can save your café equipment from limescale build-up and the like, as BRITA filters can catch lime before it makes its way to your kettle or espresso machine. 

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