Turn on the taste, turn on the change

Discover a more sustainable life with BRITA ¹

Make a difference – say farewell to bottled water!

Find natural sustainability from any tap. From filter jugs to on-tap solutions, or even portable drinking bottles for fresh-on-the-go hydration, BRITA is the name that will not compromise. Tap into fresh-tasting filtered water with every BRITA item!

Turn on the tap with BRITA.


Sustainability. With style.

Turn on the tap for fresh drinking water in so many easy ways. From an ergonomic filter jug that slides neatly into your fridge door, to a large portable cask for a sensible source of water on camping trips - BRITA will have a smart filter solution for you!

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Get filtered water - on demand.

Turn on the change for your kitchen tap to become your house's best source of fresh drinking water. With an effortless plug-and-pour design, BRITA reshapes the way we live by bringing filtered water straight into the heart of your home.2

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The world gains from our fresh drops

Our planet needs help: single-use plastic bottles build up tons of waste, ending up in growing landfills and polluting the oceans. BRITA joins the crusade against plastic pollution, with every water filter offering a smart, sustainable option for everyone.

A single BRITA filter eliminates the need for 120 single-use 1-litre plastic bottles. On top of that BRITA MAXTRA+ filters are recyclable It's time to say goodbye to those plastic water bottles - and say hello to sustainable hydration! 1

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