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Case Study: InterContinental Sydney Double Bay

Jean Chapeyrou, Banquet & Rooftop Manager talks about the impact the BRITA Vivreau water filter system has had on the business since its installation.

InterContinental Sydney Double Bay

Jean Chapeyrou, Banquet & Rooftop Manager

BRITA dispenser Wave, Twist & Swing Bottles swing

With BRITA VIVREAU we save around $15,000 per year - including deliveries and plastic bottles consumption.


Simple sustainability practises you can implement in your hotel

Businesses can avoid up to 96% of plastic clutter as well as significantly reduce plastic waste removal costs and environmental pollution by installing a filtered water source at your hotel - where guests and employees can gather to refresh and revive - without harming the environment in the process.

Find a BRITA VIVREAU Water Solution for your hotel

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap 305



Filtered chilled still and sparkling water from one single tap. Perfect for any corporate office, hotel foyer or hydration zones.

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BRITA dispenser VIVREAU Bottler 101 Floorstanding



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BRITA dispenser VIVREAU Bottler 104 Countertop

VIVREAU Bottler Countertop

VIVREAU Bottler Countertop

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BRITA dispenser VIVREAU Bottles Swing Bottle

BRITA Bottles

BRITA Bottles

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Economical solution

Eliminates the need to buy, transport and store bottled water.

Eco-friendly choice

Mains-fed dispensers are an ecological alternative to bottled water.


Increase profit significantly

Branded bottles enhance customer experience

Premium filtered water from the leaders in water filtration

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