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Australia's Water Conditions

In Australia, we are lucky to enjoy a relatively high quality of drinking water, which come from a  variety of locations: from dams, water filtration plants, catchments that drain rainwater from the surrounding land, and in recent times, from desalination plants which essentially turns seawater into drinking water. All water needs to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to make sure it is safe for everyone to drink. But sometimes events can change the purity of our water or even the way it tastes.

What has changed?

The recent cycle of drought, bushfires and wild storms have had an impact on the quality of the water we access through our taps[1]. And with increased levels of ash and contaminants making its way into our drinking water, a higher amount of chlorine  and other chemicals are used to disinfect the water, which could change the way it tastes[2]

During these times, many households turn to buying bottled water. But with one million plastic bottles bought every minute around the world, most of which are not recycled, we need to find alternative solutions[3]

The BRITA solution

Easy filtration systems such as BRITA water filter jugs and bottles are one answer. These are easy to use as you simply fill them up from your tap and a replaceable cartridge in the jug or container filters your tap water.

But what if you could filter the water that comes directly out of your tap?

BRITA On Tap Water Filter is mounted on faucet.

The easy-to-install BRITA On Tap System Advanced attaches to your kitchen tap for a constant flow of filtered water that you can use for drinking and cooking.

The BRITA On Tap Advanced filtration system gives you purer water on demand as it is mounted onto your kitchen tap and allows you to switch between filtered water – for drinking and cooking - and non-filtered water, for cleaning through two separate outlets. One cartridge delivers 600L of filtered water.

BRITA waterbar WD 3030 front

For those who want a more integrated solution, the BRITA 3-Way Filtered Water Tap or Waterbar can be installed to replace your existing tap. It has three water settings – medium hard, hard and very hard – and delivers filtered and non-filtered water out of the one integrated outlet.

Both of these systems are easy to install, in fact, the BRITA On Tap Advanced System is a DIY product that requires no tools for assembly and reduce the chlorine and impurities in your drinking water.

The result is high quality, great tasting drinking water in your home for your whole family.

Every day filtration for home

On Tap System Advanced

  • Easy installation onto your existing kitchen tap - no tools required!
  • Effectively reduces:
    • 99% bacteria*
    • particles such as microplastics*
    • Chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residue*
    • metals such as lead*
  • Digital display shows remaining filter capacity
  • Filtered water, stream and shower function
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3-Way Waterbar

  • 3-way tap system (swan neck design) for hot, cold and filtered water in a ready-to-install kit 
  • Effectively reduces:
    • Chemicals such as chlorine
    • Particles such as rust, dust and sand
  • Two dedicated outlets for filtered water or hot/cold water 
  • Intelligent cartridge status indicator reminds you when to replace the filter 
  • Long-lasting: One A1000 water filter suffices for up to 1,200L depending on water hardness and usage
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Why choose BRITA?

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

Less of the unwanted

Reduces limescale and other taste and aroma-impairing substances.

Appliance shield

Prolongs the life of your appliances by preventing limescale build-up.