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Coffee machines

Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato—the coffee bean business is booming,

and with that, come higher quality requirements from the individual ingredients, especially water. For this reason, it is almost impossible to conceive a professional coffee machine without an integrated water filter.

All about the art of brewing coffee

Hot beverages consist of up to 98% water—no doubt that this ingredient plays a vital role during preparation.

Water quality may vary by region. For example, if the composition of minerals contained in the water is not balanced, the aroma cannot fully develop.

Water quality is of central importance for the machines as well. Using a BRITA water filter prevents the scale deposits building up in your machine which can lead to breakdowns and limited efficiency. 

Water—the prerequisite for enjoyment
Barista coffee creation

 Ideal coffee water is fresh and pure in taste and has no discernible odour. It should be mineral-rich, yet have a balanced mineral content. A total hardness of 7–12°EH, a carbonate hardness of 3–4°EH and a pH value of 6.5–7.5 are ideal (Source: Deutscher Kaffeeverband). Only then can coffee develop its full aroma.


Deutscher Kaffeeverband (German Coffee Association)

The requirements are high: Top-quality coffee machines should be protected and the coffee should be able to develop its full aroma, have a stable crema and provide your customers with 
all round experience.

BRITA Professional filters specifically reduce the carbonate hardness in the water and eliminate any substances that can impair taste and odour. As a result, BRITA filtered water is of consistently high quality and boasts reliable properties. Scale deposits in machines are prevented, while all minerals necessary for flavour development are retained.

Take care of your coffee machines and integrate a water filter from BRITA Professional.

For your sales
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  • Your coffee specialities are always of the best quality
  • Your customers are satisfied
  • You gain long-term loyalty of existing customers and easily attract new ones
For your customers
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  • They enjoy full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Strong, stable crema
  • Appetising drinks as the milk and cream do not separate
For your appliances
Fresh coffee running into a cup
  • The risk of limescale deposits on machines is minimised
  • Maintenance can be performed on a preventative basis
  • Service costs are significantly reduced