The new shape of water

Innovative Filter Disc

Best tasting BRITA filtered water always by your side.

Discover the completely new way of enjoying drinking water – with the innovative Filter Disc technology by BRITA. Never before it was so easy to provide great tasting drinking water at any time. Easily filled at the tap – the high performance of the New Filter Disc Technology reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances effectively. It tastes good, makes you feel good and it looks good! Experience now the stylish and smart way of enjoying the pure and best taste of fresh water by BRITA.

New carafe design, innovative Filter Disc, best tasting BRITA water
Innovative Filter Disc
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Clever BRITA Memo
reminds you to replace your filter disc once every 4 weeks
Exceptional transparency, high gloss and long life due to state-of-the-art material TRITAN*
*TRITAN is a registered
trademark by Eastman Chemical Corp. Delaware
BRITA Filter Disc Technology
effectively reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances
1.3 l
Innovative Filter Disc

BRITA Filter Disc Technology effectively reduces chlorine and other substances that impair the taste of your tap water.

Helps you to drink more great tasting water.

Fill&Serve keeps you hydrated all day long

1.3 l of refreshing BRITA filtered water.
Stylish designed in 3 colours that fit your lifestyle.

See the magic effect when the water gets filtered.

Fresh and best tasting BRITA filtered water – designed to be always by your side.

Fill&Serve package
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